Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moments That Shape Us

In which moments, from which memories, do we learn the most profound lessons?  What part of each individual's experiences is the most impactful, the most lasting?

There are the moments of pure, unadulterated feeling - deep joy, pain, or anger.  There are the memories so often photographed for preservation - birthdays, first steps, weddings, new homes.

But I wonder if the moments that leave the biggest impact are often the ones that are initially unnoticed.  Perhaps it's the small things - the casual comment someone makes about your outfit that makes you walk a little taller, leading to you keeping the item for a long time because of the confidence it instills.  Or the realization you build over time about your own ability to cook, as you practice and experiment and build small successes.

It's the everyday, often unnoticed moments then, that shape our learning, understanding and experiences.  And, conversely, it is our smallest comments and actions that most often have a profound affect on others.

If it's these "little things" that make such a big difference, I am inspired to pay closer attention - both to the small things I do that impact others, and the way I am changed and impacted by things that happen around me.

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