Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magic pen & paper

There's something magical about writing with a pen and paper.  Generally, I consider myself a pretty high-tech person.  Much of each day in the office, if not in meetings or visiting other areas, is spent firmly planted at my desk, typing away on projects or emails.  I nearly go in to withdrawl at the thought of being without my Blackberry, and refuse to run without my iPod & Nike+.

For all that, thought, I sometimes find my best writing and thinking comes while holding a pen and writing on paper.  Something about the colour of ink, the act of scratching out a mis-spelled word or (let's face it) simply bad idea... it just makes the words flow and sentences fit together.

So, dear whoever first put pen to paper: you're brilliant, and I thank you.


  1. I do find it interesting, those who write on paper. My girlfriend still does the diary thing and I think that's great ... for her! I could not be bothered. I know I just can't write as fast as I type, and therefore I'd lose my train of though, just waiting for my hand to catch up. It's sad how spoiled our generation is with technology. I'm embarrased to say "I'm too lazy to write!" haha.

    happy monday!

  2. Haha... true! It's funny - something about all the blank, white paper makes me write faster - maybe just to fill it up!