Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am A Giraffe

Each month, JCI Calgary members are invited to get together to discuss what's happening in our community and enjoy a presentation from a speaker or trainer.  This month, our speaker was Shelia Morrison, a local Realtor, who shared her perspective on sales and behavioural styles.  One of the personality profiles that Shelia mentioned is called Surviving the Serengeti - a short quiz that gives some insight in to your personality based on which animal you share personality traits with.

I took the quiz and, it turns out, I'm a giraffe - without the long neck, of course, or the spots.  No, apparently the giraffe is identified by grace and, as this particular profile defines it, a compassion and love for others.  In reference to my own personality, I agree with some of the statements and definitely not with others.  However, this was the paragraph that really struck me:

"Our ability to develop grace isn't based on what we have or don’t have. What matters in terms of grace is whether or not we appreciate what we do have, and how we interact with those around us."

I strive to appreciate what I do have, and to treat others with respect and love - and can only hope to live up to that every day.

Anyway, on the whole, I agree with some of the qualities of the giraffe, and am quite certain that I do not embody others.  (Ever see me try to roller skate?  Yeah, not graceful.)  But, an interesting quiz all the same!

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