Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who Knew?

Growing up, I detested veggies.

Not only detested, but also never ate. Never learned to enjoy them. Used to torture my Mom about not including onions, or peas, or anything else that may be a veggie on my plate.

Then, I moved out and had to start cooking for myself... and it got worse. I began only eating food that came in a package, cooking with one pot and a thin little frying pan.

Fast forward a whole bunch to tonight... when I ate asparagus for dinner. With onions, peppers, mushrooms, and kale. Without, I might add, anyone threatening harm or death for not eating.

Recently, I've also been experimenting with eggplant, cabbage, brussel sprouts and... horror of horrors... swiss chard (this experiment didn't go well, but I will be getting back on this horse).

It doesn't always work - I've been known to throw out entire frying pans of food - but I almost always enjoy trying.

This has also become a bit of an analogy for ny life - trying new things, stepping into fear, doing things I never thought I would or could.

And learning to live in the moment and enjoy every second.

Tonight, I ate (and enjoyed) asparagus.  Here's to adventure and experience!

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