Monday, August 30, 2010

Shout outs

This is a quick shout out to some amazing organizations in Calgary that I had an opportunity to enjoy this weekend...

  • I was on 4th Street on Friday night, and only had time for a quick dinner.  Stopped by Purple Perk for something quick - and the service was fantastic!  The food was good too, but mostly, I was impressed by the service.  This is definitely the kind of place that, if I lived closer, I know I would be there every day.
  • Following dinner, I went to The Tech Shop to pick up my Calgary Women's Run race package, and also picked up some shoes.  Again, fantastic service - I showed the staff my shoes, they recommended 2 new kinds that were good, explained why they were good and helped me to try them.  One pair was perfect and I now love them.  Check them out for all your running/walking stuff!
  • For an early dinner on Saturday, I checked out Local 002 in Glamorgan (not yet listed on this site, but owned by the same company).  The salad was wonderful, and there were so many other yummy-looking things on the menu that I know I will be back.  And, they were super understanding and supportive of my crazy food allergies, even explaining the menu and adjusting food so that I could enjoy it.
  • Finally, the Calgary Women's Run on Sunday morning - many wonderful sponsors, including Amp Radio CalgaryLululemonFast & FemaleCommunity Natural Foods and a number of others came out in support of the Calgary YMCA and put together a great women for a whole bunch of runners.  Good times!
Huge recommendations for these businesses - if you're interested in any, I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

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