Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Come on down!

JCI Calgary, an organization that I'm a member of and sit on the board of, is the local chapter of an international group that provides opportunities for people ages 18 - 40 to network, learn and enjoy themselves.  We're having an event on Wednesday night at 7pm at the Kahanoff Centre (200, 1202 Centre St S).

Part of the session will be a presentation by Robert Vanden Heuvel.

How can we do well in business... while also doing good? Whether it goes by the name social enterprise, social investing, or philanthro-capitalism, this is an exciting and growing phenomenon. Where trillions of dollars of aid has largely failed, business has a unique ability to effect social change which is also sustainable!

Robert Vanden Heuvel is one of the top Account Managers at Calgary-based Bedford Biofuels. At August's JCI Member Opportunity Night, Rob will be presenting Bedford's compelling "triple bottom line": profitable, environmental, and humanitarian. Where is the demand for oil -- and biofuel -- headed? Do practical and economically competitive biofuels even exist? What about "food versus fuel"? How can a business help meet the needs of poor communities and why does it make great sense to do so? How can I get involved and do well while also doing good? Come learn the answers to these and more!

Find more information here, and let me know if you can join us!

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