Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I'm NOT thankful for

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, a holiday traditionally designated to celebrate the harvest.  Now, it's often built around family, friends and good food - many of the things that make life great.

Many people's thoughts today centre around what they are thankful for - this holiday is a fantastic time to remind ourselves of just how lucky we all are.  And while I've done that as well today (and will also blog about it tomorrow) I was also reminded today of some of what I'm not thankful for - and finding ways that I can change those.

  • I am not thankful for thoughts that allow people (including myself) believe we are somehow less or unworthy.  These feelings do nothing to enhance or improve our lives; they serve only to make it more difficult.  Not only that - they're untruths we tell ourselves (or allow others to tell us) that stifle potential.
  • I am not thankful for apathy that surrounds the many issues our world faces.  There are challenges that we face, and responsibilities we all carry to address those - and ignoring those issues does nothing to fix them.  We are each responsible to vote, to help and love our neighbours and strangers, to think and read and share ideas... and so much more to make our world a better place.
  • I am not thankful for the incredible amount of material things that overtake our lives, causing us to lose focus of what's really important - people.  Not taken with perspective, stuff and things serve to weigh down our lives, create false happiness and lead to stress and comparing ourselves to others - traits that serve no one well.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with stuff - I love shopping as much as the next person : ) - but too much just becomes to heavy to carry.
  • I am not thankful for times when I forget how much I have to be thankful for.  There is so, so much in all of our lives to be grateful for... and it's worth remembering.  I plan to celebrate being thankful even more tomorrow, including with a post on that theme.
Even in these, though, I am thankful for much - including for the opportunity and power to change that which I am not thankful for!

So, to all my Canadian friends... happy day-before-Thanksgiving!

Take some time to think of what you are not thankful for this weekend - and to decide what you can do about it!

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