Saturday, October 9, 2010

My blogging mission

We're all complicated people.  We like lots of different things, sometimes even things that conflict with each other or are incredibly diverse.

Certainly, I'm no exception.  My interests tend to include:

  • running (learning to enjoy) and strength training
  • autism (so incredibly diverse and varied that I may never really understand)
  • baking (dairy-free, please)
  • fundraising (which I am lucky enough to do every day)
  • everything Calgary (because this city is amazing)
  • nonprofits (in support of the essential role they play
  • yoga (especially the hot kind)
  • healthy (and not-so-healthy) food & eating
  • thinking philosophical thoughts (which makes me feel smart)
  • friends & family (with the belief people are more important than anything)
  • reading, writing about & discussing books (such as Seth Godin's Linchpin)
  • kids & teens (and all the stages we all go through to become 'grown-ups)
  • Junior Chamber International aka JCI (specifically, JCI Calgary)
  • Travel (so much to see & learn this way)
  • Learning (formal education and life education)

This variety is what keeps our lives interesting, of course.  However, as it relates to blogging, all this has me feeling my blog is scattered - all over the map, in fact, since I began this blog 6 weeks ago.
So, I'm working to narrow it all down a little.  This will include picking a few topics to focus on and crafting a bit of a blog mission statement.

The challenge, of course, is about what to leave out... but choices are what make life interesting, no?

Help is appreciated!

What is the focus of your blog?  How did you choose that?

Or, what type of blogs do you most enjoy reading?

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