Monday, September 6, 2010

Linchpin: The Introduction

A couple weeks ago, Amanda Matchett (@Chett12 on Twitter) mentioned the latest book by Seth GodinLinchpin.  I love to read Seth's blog every morning, so was naturally interested when Chett mentioned it.  When I mentioned an interest via Twitter, Amanda invited me to join her in reading and blogging about the book... and since you're reading this, you know I agreed!

This weekend I've read the Introduction to Linchpin, and am excited to share some of it with you! Also, check out Chett's blog for more thoughts - she'll be writing about the same chapter this week as well!

So, without further ado:

Godin is a great thinker.  He writes a lot about the changing world of work, of industry and of economy.  He is full of big thoughts and perspectives. This is clear from the first page, which boldly states:

  • "You Are a Genius" Pg 1

This brilliant opening declaration (and yes, I do believe it is a declaration - you are a genius!) is followed by an outline of what the book will explore: Godin's idea that our current, industrial model of work is falling apart.  He promises to look at how success is created and how each of us, in our current jobs and situations, can make ourselves indispensable.

I suspect that such indispensability would be valuable, for obvious reasons, but would also be fulfilling, empowering and really would permeate every area of life.  It is my hope that the patterns and ideas in this book will spark conversation and new ideas, and perhaps even new goals and new direction.

I can already tell that the book will have a lot of quotes that I want to write down and share.  Lines like:
  • "Stop settling for what's good enough and start creating art that matters." Pg 3
  • "You have brilliance in you, your contribution is valuable, and the art you create is precious." Pg 3

I'm excited to get more in to this book, and to explore it with you and with Chett on her blog.  If you've read it, or want to share your thoughts on what we blog, I'd love to hear your perspective!

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