Monday, November 15, 2010

National Philanthropy Day

Today, November 15th 2010, marks National Philanthropy Day - a day when, throughout North America, celebrations take place in honour of all the amazing people who give of themselves to make the world better.

Philanthropy may conjure up for you images of really wealthy people giving away tons of money - perhaps the challenge many billionaires have taken up alongside Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

However, the actual meaning of philanthropy - according to The Free Dictionary - is simply "Love of humankind in general".

It sounds so simple, really - love.  Everyone can love.  Of course, it's not always that easy, but we can all choose it.  And, at some point, we have all offered love - a hug for a friend, a favour offered without expectation of return, smiling at a stranger.  These little acts of love - of philanthropy - are ones we can choose every day.

In celebration of National Philanthropy Day, celebrate the love in your life.  Celebrate your moments of philanthropy - the big ones and little ones, the times you can offer love and those you receive it.

What is your favourite story of philanthropy?

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